Discover scholarly articles across top free academic databases with Flowcite

We know how time consuming it can be to sift through hundreds upon thousands of articles to find the perfect one for your paper. Our research discovery features automate the search process using AI-based software to get you the most relevant and accurate results instantly, making your research faster and more effective.

Use our advanced search tools to explore over 250 million open access articles

Flowcite’s search engine scans results across a wealth of sources including academic databases and professional journals.

The top quality search and finder integrates Flowcite’s citation engine with a range of free research databases including CORE’s directory of Open Access journals to gather the best sources all in one place. As the world’s largest source of Open Access research, we use CORE to not only streamline your work but to enrich the goal of the Open Access model and extend its global reach.
To make the research on CORE and other Open Access repositories accessible, Flowcite’s platform enables you to save and download PDFs of any research article and fully utilise it for your paper with annotation, highlighting, and comment features. With one click, you can have full access to any articles from our databases and employ them however suits you.

Proxy access integration to libraries

Our extensive source base is not limited to online databases, we are also able to integrate with university libraries through proxy access to provide the most comprehensive platform for our users.

Connecting with university databases enables our users to fully combine their previous work and resources from other platforms into Flowcite’s all in one interface.

Browser extension (Chrome/Firefox) synchronises metadata of web stored academic research

Web sources, from sites such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica Online, can be easily saved to your Flowcite Project Library with our simple to use Browser Extension.

This feature includes a referencing tool that eliminates the often complicated process of gathering sources from the web. With the Flowcite extension activated on your browser, you can simply highlight the relevant text and a reference will be identified and metadata automatically collected. You can easily edit this data if necessary. This tool is essential for gathering research stored on the web.

Integrated book store and rental service by Campus Books

With Campus Books, we have an integrated academic book store and rental service offering the best discounts on essential books for study and research.

Flowcite will help you search for the cheapest academic and college text books you need for your research with this automated feature. Campus Books is dedicated to making academic sources affordable to those who need them and guarantees the best prices by comparing prices across over 50 bookstores and hundreds of reputable sellers.
Use our integrated book store to eliminate the confusion that comes with buying textbooks. We do the comparison work to help you decide whether buying or renting a book is more cost effective, and we will also search local libraries to ensure you don’t miss out on free to borrow options.
Need that textbook before term starts? There is a text book express delivery option that will get your book to you within 2-3 days.

Advanced search parameters

The ultimate goal of our integrated article search engine is to eliminate as much unnecessary search time as possible so you can focus on the important aspects of research. We use advanced search options to refine your article search down to the most accurate and relevant sources. You can apply search filters such as date/author/language/ISBN number, as well as by publication type: journal article/academic paper/book. Make your research faster and more productive with our tech-powered search tools.