All in one reference and citation manager

Our all in one platform allows you to search for, save, and organise your references seamlessly to help you produce your best work. Import your work, export it to other applications, and simply drag and drop content between projects on our intuitive interface. The Flowcite suite is fully compatible and works around your individual needs to help you make the most of your time.

Discover scholarly articles and resources across top academic databases with Flowcite’s research software.

Flowcite offers one of the largest and wide-ranging academic databases, with access to over 250 million Open Access free journal articles from reputable scientific data repositories such as CORE, PLoS, and doaj.

Explore a wider range of materials with our Book Store and rental service offering 9 million books, and gain access to 20 million premium articles with our on demand pay per view database.

Our AI-based search feature ensures you find the most relevant sources for your paper through the search refinement tool, and provides accurately tailored source suggestions under Recommendations.

Once you find the best references, they can be easily saved with one click and organised into your free Cloud storage Personal Library. Add references and quotations to your paper with correct formatting using our Word Plugin or LaTeX text editor referencing software.

While Flowcite provides extensive resources, personalisation is the key to our platform. Proxy Access Integrations give you the ability to integrate your source search with your university library through various library access points.

PDF viewer: read, annotate, summarise, translate, and collaborate on any research article

Achieve the best results from your research using our group collaboration features. Group projects are enhanced by working together in real time on any PDF.

Personal research projects and group collaboration: organise, synchronise and share your pdf library with your peers

Flowcite works for both personal projects, and for collaborations with 3-10 research colleagues. You can manage all aspects of your own project seamlessly, and collaborate more effectively than ever before with real time synchronisation and sharing features.

The simple PDF and bulk library import features allow you to integrate any previous work you’ve done on existing reference manager software. Collate and store references all in one place and never have to search for those lost references again.

Enhance your research on the web using Flowcite’s referencing tool Browser Extension. Easy to install and add to your browser, this feature will enable you to save even obscure references and quotes to your Flowcite project. By simply highlighting the text and activating the Flowcite extension, the reference will be identified with automatic metadata capture and ready to save.

Real time collaboration on PDF viewer

The Flowcite PDF viewer optimises research group collaboration by giving you opportunities to streamline your project in the most effective way for you and your peers. As well as many editing tools, team members can highlight text, share notes, and track comments. Everyone can save references and citations, and add notes for their use. All work is managed in one place to maximise efficiency.

Integrated summary generator using scholarcy

Flowcite works with Scholarcy, the online article summariser tool, to reduce some of the barriers faced by researchers in identifying relevant articles. With millions of articles published each year, there just isn’t time to read through them and determine their importance to your work. Scholarcy makes research more accessible and easy to integrate into your work with smart research summaries that include key findings and direct links to sources. Scholarcy can reduce the time needed to fully evaluate an article by 70%. This tool is essential to keep up with the fast growing research community.