Create professional writing and collaborative research with Flowcite’s best LaTeX text editor

Up to 80% of researcher’s time can be spent on non-writing aspects of a paper. Flowcite has changed the way scientific papers are produced by providing an all-in-one research and writing platform where researchers can streamline every aspect of their paper from collecting sources, writing, citing, to editing, proofreading, and all the way to peer-review and publishing.

With Flowcite, you can save time for the most important task, writing. We have ensured that the writing process is just as time-efficient and productive by reducing the effort of formatting, citing, and editing.

Generate and manage citations seamlessly with over 7000 citation styles

Our in-built LaTeX Editor and Word 2016+ extension allow you to add saved citations and references seamlessly into your paper, automatically create bibliographies, and switch between over 7000 citations styles, including APA citation, MLA citation, Chicago citation, and IEEE citation.

For papers you have already started in Word, you can use our Word 2016+ extension to add citations and references from your Flowcite Library seamlessly. Open the Flowcite sidebar in Word to see your saved citations and references, add them to your paper in one click, and they will be automatically added to the bibliography at the end of the document.

Collaborative writing within Flowcite

Alternatively, use the online LaTeX or CK Editors on the Flowcite platform to produce professional writing and allow you to collaborate on research effectively.

Our integrated online LaTeX Editor enables multiple authors to work on a paper simultaneously wherever they are, and on any device. Track Changes allow you to follow all contributor’s additions and edits so you can collaborate in real-time.

The LaTeX compiler provides hundreds of research paper templates so you don’t have to spend precious time meticulously formatting your pages and bibliography. This is essential for papers being submitted to journals with specific formatting and citation requirements. With this software, you can ensure your paper isn’t rejected for simple errors.

You can also create unlimited LaTex projects and files. So, if you are submitting to various journals, you are able to duplicate your paper into different formatting styles easily. You can store up to 3GB of files for free, and premium users can store up to 30GB.

Whether you are writing your thesis, or producing a collaborative research paper, Flowcite can maximise your project efficiency and let you focus on the content.

Save time on proofreading and achieve perfection by editing as you go with Flowcite’s advanced grammar, style, and spell checker. The Grammar and Style section of the Flowcite Word Writing Extension provides optimal language suggestions to make your writing more professional. This feature also allows you to learn as you write with educational snippets and offers a comprehensive suggestion library. If you are using the Flowcite LaTex Editor, there is an integrated Pro Writing Aid, offering grammar and style checks, and reports highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and suggestions to optimise your writing and its readability such as sentence structure and pacing.

LaTeX editor: The practical tool for collaborative writing

Much of your research time is spent on activities other than the actual writing. In order to relieve you effectively giving you more time for the task of writing in your research, we have launched our LaTeX editor: LaTeX editor supports collaborative writing through a selection of practical functions.

Overview of the functions of the LaTeX editor

Our LaTeX editor combines a variety of practical functions that support your paperwork considering the actual writing. For example, you can use a grammar check during proofreading. Additionally, the online spelling system clearly shows possible errors in your content making it impossible to overlook. Furthermore, the plagiarism scanner provides you with a flexible plagiarism checker. As you see, we provide all important functions that you need for your scientific work in one editor. Flowcite shines as a practical all-in-one platform that includes valuable functions for research and writing: You can use Flowcite to gather important information for your paper, to compile sources, to identify citations, and to proofread your paper again.

Make your writing process more efficient

With Flowcite, you can optimize the process of writing right from the start not only saving time but also ensuring that you can quickly react to changes. To provide you with even greater efficiency, we have ensured that the formatting and citation workload shrinks. Additionally, we have combined our LaTeX editor with a Word 2016+ extension for you. That allows you to seamlessly attach previously saved citations to your work without much effort.