Access Flowcite’s premium publishing services

You’ve reached the finish line, your paper is at its highest standard and is ready for submission. Now all you need to do is find the right journal to publish in.

Integrated Journal Selection service by Enago

Our integrated Journal Selection service from Enago will enable you to significantly increase your chances of publication by automatically matching your research to the best and most suitable journal. Simply provide us with your criteria, and our team of specialists with a wealth of peer review and editing experience in a range of fields will identify the top 3-5 journals for your research. We base our selection on the following various factors:

  • The scope of your research
  • Journal type, scope, and focus
  • The timeframe in which you want to get published
  • Access features (open access or print only etc.)
  • Type of article
  • The position of your article in its specific field

Our Journal Selection service searches a large database of international journals that include Scopus, Web of Science, and SCI. We’ll identify suitable journals in your field of study that you might not have considered in order to give you more scope for success.

Integrated Journal Submission by Enago

Our premium Journal Submission service powered by Enago will give you the best possible chance of acceptance by thoroughly checking your final manuscript against journal submission guidelines and formatting to ensure accuracy and prepare it for submission. Our experts who are skilled in journal submission for various international journals will then undertake the submission process for you.

You can forget about the stress of detailed instructions and formalities, Flowcite will review all submission details and prepare a checklist based on the requirements of the target journal. Once we have all the necessary information from you, and you have completed any forms such authorship and copyright transfer, we will complete the tedious side of the submission process for you.

Where some journals require a cover letter for manuscript submission, we can also support you with this. Cover letters can be time consuming and add to the stress of submission, particularly if you are working to a deadline. Our expert team of peer review professionals can tailor a cover letter for your exact journal requirements and are skilled in summarising research findings into a concise and engaging format.

Integrated Citation Booster & Paper Promotion by Enago

Flowcite’s aim is to help you produce the most effective research and to get that research recognised. We are here to support your research beyond publication by promoting your paper and increasing your citation count.

The Citation Booster involves three services: Simplified Abstracts, Scientific News Report, and Tweetable Abstracts. These content types allow you to present your research on digital channels such as social media and online news platforms in high-quality and accessible formats.

You can extend the reach of your research beyond journal databases to reach wider audiences. The Simplified Abstract service provides a short summary of your research paper using more accessible language that aims to engage a wide range of people such as professionals from other fields of study and the general public. We have experts that are skilled in simplifying technical language into plain English who will create a concise summary of about 200 words that presents the purpose and findings of your research clearly.

Our Scientific News Report will provide a press release on your paper to increase your recognition within the community of other academics, publishers, and universities. Our experts will turn your paper into an easy to read Scientific News Report of about 800 words which can be shared across relevant media portals. This is a good way for researchers to promote their work to the public and increase their citation count and funding.

Our Tweetable Abstract is a short and simple summary of your research designed to grab attention. Twitter is among the best and most direct social media platforms to disseminate and promote research. It has a highly-engaged scientific community, and research that is Tweeted are frequently cited. Use this service to make a step into Twitter’s scientific community, or if you want to keep track of how your content is used online with metric services.

The Citation Booster service will ensure your research is promoted and recognised along with other new research. You will be able to develop your readership as much as possible and gain more citations from those who may not have found your research otherwise. With any service you decide to use, you’ll be sure to make an impact within the academic community.

Publish service: Our offer for the publication of your work

You have completed your scientific work and would now like to make it accessible to the public through a targeted publication? In this case you can also rely on Flowcite’s experience and know-how! Our publish service includes the planning of the publication and does accompany you on the way to this goal. We identify well-known magazines for you that are eligible for publication. You can rely on the high level of our publish service – right from the start!

Increase your chances of a successful publication

By choosing the right journal alone, you can already significantly increase the chances of getting your work published. We help you finding a magazine that fits your work both thematically and considering the target group. It is important for our publish service that we know your requirements on the magazine and on your work. Our publish service is backed by a team of experienced experts. From many possible publications, our experts select three to five journals which are most suitable for your work and research.

The selection is made considering various criteria accordingly

Considering the choice of the right magazine to publish your work, we focus on numerous criteria. This includes the scope of your research on the one hand, but also a close look at the type of magazine as well as its scope and focus on the other. Furthermore, the period in which you would like to publish your work is interesting for the selection of a publication. Of course, we also check the access functions and see whether open access or only printing is possible. The goal of our publish service is to find the best magazine for you.