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Preparing your paper for journal submission? Do you want to make sure it’s formatted perfectly, peer-reviewed, and sent to the most suitable journals, but you need help? Flowcite was created from the team’s own struggles with paper submission, that’s why we’ve formed the best and simplest all-in-one service for your writing needs by partnering with companies such as Enago and Scribendi.

Access writing grant proposal service

Formatting, writing, and knowing what to include in a grant proposal can be daunting, particularly to new researchers. We understand how important it can be to secure funding, and ensuring your grant is professionally written and engaging is crucial. So we’ve integrated Enago’s expert Grant Writing Service made up of industry and subject-specific specialist grant writers, consultants, and editors, into our writing services to provide you with comprehensive support.

This service will help you to write a clear and persuasive proposal, will review and edit previous and current drafts, and will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your final written proposal to check all necessary requirements are met. Allow us to offer our expertise and secure your next research grant.

Access Flowcite’s plagiarism and premium proofreading service

As part of our essay and paper writing service, we provide an essential plagiarism and proofreading service, so you don’t have to worry about your work being flagged up for simple mistakes. Our integrated market leading similarity checker by Oxsico ensures you avoid unintentional plagiarism and maintain your academic integrity by scanning your work for similarities against 40+ billion web pages in real-time. You will also receive a comprehensive Similarity Report in minutes so that you can evaluate your work yourself. The Similarity Report includes:

  • – A Similarity Score that indicates the overall percentage of text matches in your document.
  • Matched sources that you can manually exclude from the report, e.g. citations.
  • Detected citations in all citation styles – MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, to allow you to review your citation formatting.

The service is fully interactive so that you can ensure the information is accurate and control your changes.
For more common grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting mistakes, Scribendi’s 400 expert editors from around the globe, as well as Flowcite’s own, will review and correct your work to ensure your paper is completely free of errors. This is the crucial final stage of your paper which is why we make sure nothing is missed.

Access premium paper review services

Waiting for peer review feedback after submitting to a journal can be a long process, often taking months. Our premium paper review services from Scribendi and Enago can provide professional peer review of your manuscript within at least a week. The team is made up of subject specialists who have reviewed manuscripts for internationally reputable journals including Nature and The Lancet and who will conduct an extensive review of your work, focussing on every research element such as the presentation of method, format of study, significance, ethical soundness, and data analysis, as well as checking your paper against journal guidelines. All aspects of review will be presented to you in a clear and detailed technical report so you can revise your paper. This article writing service allows you to have your paper peer reviewed before submission so that you can rule out any weaknesses and get accepted faster.
As it’s often the final element of your paper to be completed, writing the abstract can be difficult. Condensing the amount of detail in your paper into a few hundred words while capturing all the significant knowledge and impact is not an easy task. But Flowcite has integrated an Abstract Writing Service by Enago that uses the expertise of professional researchers to help you create an outstanding first impression of your research. This service will summarise your entire manuscript and all its key findings into a compelling, flowing, and easy to read abstract. The keywords from your paper will be fully utilised to optimise your search results, so your research can have the best impact possible after publication.

Access printing and binding services with Flowcite

The process of submitting your paper to journals can be time consuming, tedious and, with urgent deadlines, sometimes stressful.

Our Pre-Submission Peer Review service powered by Enago helps with writing academic papers and will prepare your paper to its highest standard with extensive and detailed reviews from our subject experts. Up to 3 of our experts can provide you with a clear report covering areas for improvement and suggestions in a turnaround time of up to 7 days. Make sure your paper stands out in the journal submission process.

Our premium submission service powered by Enago will ensure your paper is ready for submission by checking the formatting against guidelines and will tackle the submission process for you. You don’t have to worry about all the instructions to follow and paperwork to complete, our experts in submission services who have submitted to various international journals will complete all the formalities, upload required documents, and even write your cover letter. Simply send us all your necessary information, and we will take it from there.

Once your research is published, get it printed and binded by our excellent printing service from Bachelorprint so you can share it with peers around the world. With a high quality selection of printing services including spiral, comb, and thermal binding, and express worldwide delivery, this service will allow you to present the excellence of your research physically.

Paper writing service: The optimal preparation for publication transmission

The statements in your work are only one of many factors that are crucial for publication: We know from our own experience that perfect formatting and preparation are important for publication in scientific journals and magazines. This is where our paper writing service can help you: The paper review created by Flowcite examines your work considering the requirements imposed by publication in magazines and journals. When we designed this service, our main goal was to create an all-in-one service that would free up your time and pave the way to publication.

We rely on valuable cooperation

For our paper writing service, we have chosen to work effectively with selected companies. These include Enago and Scribendi. Through this cooperation we can provide you with all important functions in a clearly arranged way.

Access our scholarship application service

Did you already know? With our paper writing service, you also have access to our scholarship application service! Here we provide you with the best possible support for your applications and share our knowledge considering grant proposals. This way you can get extensive information in advance about what exactly belongs in such an application. With this, we would like to help you secure the funding of your research. Our paper writing service uses Enago’s grant writing service for this purpose. This makes it easy for you to get an overview of the subject and industry-specific scholarships. In addition, this service provides advisors and editors to assist you with your scholarship applications.
To ensure your paper matches all the publishing requirements we offer you specialty editing and proofreading services by Merudio. Our editing, proofreading and formatting services are focused exclusively on helping academics develop high-impact writing. We connect our customers with accomplished, professional editors who are also experts in their academic fields. Once we’ve connected you with the right editor, they will work with you to polish your work, make suggestions for improvements or other areas to address, and generally help strengthen and ready your research for publishing.