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Easily find the right sources for your paper by browsing the most reputable open-access scientific repositories. Discover scholarly articles across top free academic databases.


Write conveniently with our customized LaTeX text editor or flowcite word plugin. Add saved citations and references, create bibliographies, and switch between over 7,000 citation styles.


Get on-the-fly recommendations on grammar, style, and spelling. Have your paper proofread by subject experts. Avoid unintentional plagiarism with our similarity checking service.


Find the right journal to publish your research and receive professional assistance that increases your chances of getting published. Find the right journal to publish your research and receive professional assistance that increases your chances of getting published.

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LaTeX text editor

Create your paper in our LaTeX text editor, insert references, cite, choose formatting, and receive on-the-fly suggestions on your spelling, grammar, and style.

Collaborative PDF viewer

Work simultaneously with up to 10 other collaborators on the same paper. See everyone’s comments and highlights all in one place.

Knowledge Library

Save, organize and share all research findings you are making in a personalized library through projects, folders and files.

Paper editing

Connect with the right subject expert to polish you work, get suggestions for improvements, run a similarity check and get your research ready for publishing.

Article summarizer

Save your time while exploring sources with a detailed summary of all key concepts, methods, findings and used references.

Search Engine

Discover over 250M peer reviewed & open access articles with integrated paper quality evaluation tools to help you rank search results.

Create a paper that is perfect for
review and submission

Get access to all the tools you need to handle every aspect of your paper with one sign up.


Create your paper in our LaTeX / rich text editor or use our ms word plugin and collaborate with your peers.

Knowledge Library

Search and cite across repositories such as plos, core, elife, doaj with ai-driven recommendations.


Run multiple processes simultaneously, just like in your browser and never lose track of your work.

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  • 50 GB file storage
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  • 9000+ citation styles


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Oxsico similarity checker for universities and schools plagiarism detection software witch finds similarities, citations and references in texts.
With integration of sources with a digital object identifier (DOI) show how many times a source has been cited and the types of citations it has received.
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Since 1997, our hand-picked, elite editorial team has been trusted with hundreds of thousands of documents from around the world. Let us help you next.
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The online article summarizer tool, reads your research articles, reports and book chapters in seconds and breaks them down into bite-sized sections
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Enago is a global leader in publication support & language services. Since 2005, we’ve been fast-tracking researchers towards publication.
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Expanding our knowledge library with core we provide our users with seamless access to a collection of over 250 million metadata records & full-text research articles.
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Maintain your writing flow with on-the-fly style and grammar recommendations and spelling corrections from ProWritingAid. This program uses AI to offer high quality writing checks and reports on your strengths and weaknesses to ensure your writing is consistent and professional down to every word.
Merudio’s early draft academic editing service is more effective than similar services. In addition to helping you develop your content, our editors will also conduct a copyediting pass.
Use our integrated book store to eliminate the confusion that comes with buying textbooks. We do the comparison work to help you decide whether buying or renting a book is more cost effective, and we will also search local libraries to ensure you don’t miss out on free to borrow options.
Get your paper printed, choose from a wide variety of binding, embossing and output formats with a world wide 48h express delivery.

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